Keith Hayes is Executive Producer in the United Kingdom. Mr. Hayes has had a distinguished career as an editor and producer with CBC, BBC, Ulster TV, Reuters TV, PBS, CNBC. He developed independent television in the Balkans, Baltic States, Russia and CIS, Africa and the Gulf for USAid, EU and the British Foreign Office. He is the author of two business TV training books.

Samuel Compton is a Director of I2I TV. Mr. Compton has been a senior producer at Westward TV, BBC TV, MD of the Aga Khan’s African TV network and Manager of USAid Training projects in Serbia, Rwanda and Jordan.

Melissa Conti is Executive Producer in the United States. Ms. Conti has led a distinguished career with the Associated Press as a writer and editor and with Public Broadcasting Service business programs Nightly Business Report as reporter and producer and Morning Business Report as anchor and producer.

Trevor Heathfield is Commercial Director. Mr. Heathfield has owned a chain of successful recruitment agencies and marketing companies across the UK.

The Advisory Board

Graham Addicott, Owner and Director of Award Winning First Freedom TV, producers of more than 50 documentaries for BBC, Diverse, History, C4, C5 and other broadcasters.

Simon Brooksbank, Associate Producer at Reuters TV, Senior Producer WTN, Executive Producer Getty Images, Executive Producer Burger TV Productions.

Jo Weir, Head of Reuter Foundation Training Division.

Bob Eggington, Former Executive Producer at BBC.

Additional Advisors:

Stephen Claypole, former Executive Editor at Visnews, APTV.

Ward Thomas, CEO Yorkshire, Tyne Tees and Border TV, Chairman of ITV

Advertising Board, Chairman of Trident TV.

Information Technology: Ian Edwards

Accountants: Hazlems Fenton LLD, Palladium House, Argyll Street, London, UK.

Bankers: Lloyds, High Street, Lewes, UK.

Legal Advisor: J.R. Hurdley, UK.