What’s in a Name takes travel and history programming to new level, connecting same named cities between the United States and United Kingdom.

UK Host Keith Hayes and US Host Melissa Conti travel throughout their countries exploring the similarities and difference between their same named cities and telling the stories of the cities through their history, their people and their cultures.

Each episode begins with a look at the history of each city and how they were named. Then the UK-US hosts take audiences on a tour of their same named cities and end each episode with a segment called Connecting the Pond, where the two hosts come together via the internet to enjoy what makes their cities similar and unique.

Producing company i2i TV is based and registered in the United Kingdom, which produces feature and documentary television programs for broadcast on third-party digital, cable and satellite television and a variety of program genres on its own web TV for its domestic television narrowcasting services.

i2i TV is wholly owned by Keith Hayes, a broadcast entrepreneur based in the United Kingdom. Mr. Hayes is also a director and 30% owner of Irving International Limited, a communications and training enterprise based in London, UK and 50% owner of First Freedom Distribution, a provider of video clips to Getty Images.

Web TV services trade under the non-registered name of Mirador Television.

i2i TV has management and advisory boards composed of eminent individuals noted for their success in the international broadcast field.