Terrific TV for Tiny Towns

Mirador Television, a Web TV service for Lewes and the tiny towns of SE England from Brighton to Hastings, is a division of i2i TV, producer of factual, entertaining TV programmes for UK and overseas, and a leading UK micro TV company for local and niche broadcasters.

The word mirador is the pseudonym for a turret or watchtower. The company is based in historic Lewes, home to Tom Paine and site of one of the oldest Norman castles in Britain. The castle is dominated by a Barbican or Mirador. Older still are the ruins of Lewes Priory, built in 1084. The Priory has seen many famous incidents in its long life, not least of which was the Treaty signed by King Henry III after losing the Battle of Lewes. This is seen by many to be the birth of democracy as we know it. The company’s logo is that of a medieval knight’s helmet, copied from a ten-foot high sculptor which stands on the site of this momentous event.

Mirador Television’s flagship program Scene in Sussex has as its centerpiece a bi-weekly segment detailing the history of the Priory from the Norman invasion to its destruction by Henry Viii in the sixteenth century.

Scene in Sussex is designed to reflect local events but in the context of national and even global importance and therefore has an audience stretching well beyond its target area.

Mirador Television also produces a half-hour weekly magazine program called Latest in Lewes as well as local music, weather, community events, commentary, live web cams from SE England and abroad, documentaries such as The Bloody Past of a Tiny Town and new programmes such as Melissa’s America, a series of shows by U.S. Senior Producer Melissa Conti, who gives us her view of life in the United States, in particular her home state of New York.